Friday, December 31, 2010

I just love the "Just Because Cards" Cartridge. I feel that anyone who likes making cards and envelopes would totally love this cartridge...and that is why I am giving one away FREE. If you like making cards and or scrap booking pages, you too would love this cartridge. So, I have decided to give it away to one lucky member, once we reach our first 100 blog members. So, please, write a comment regarding the JUST BECAUSE CARDS Cricut Cartridge, letting me know if you are interested in this product and why. For those of you who do not have a Cricut nor are planning to get one anytime soon this cartridge might not benefit you, so I will be coming up with another good product to give away. Let me know in your comments if you are a Cricut gal or not. Don't worry, If you are not a Cricut gal...some other gift will be awarded to non Cricut gals.

So what does this cartridge includes? Well, Cricut first of all lets you cut items from as little as 1" to as large as 23.5" so add that feature to the following list and you will see how the paws-ibilities are just amazing. It cuts 40 cards with layers and 10 different envelopes. It comes with 50 accompanying phrases with layers. 50 sticker shapes with blackouts. 50 stenciled phrases with blackouts. Then you add a little bit of your Stampin Up embellishments, papers, ribbons and you make these cards and envelopes your very own.

Thursday, December 30, 2010



I just made this "bib" necklace using the Bigz Shot and the #2 Circle Die. Please, excuse the photo (I used the cell phone). I used two types of fabrics: organza and satin. I used a lighter to melt the edges of my circle in order to prevent fraying. It is important to use synthetic fabrics and not natural fabric (natural fabric tends to burn). I also keep a big bowl of water around when I am working with the lighter, just in case my fabric catches on fire. Finally, I had some jewelry from the 90s that I re purposed it by adding it to this necklace. You could attach the "bib" part of the necklace to pearls, beaded necklace, and or even a ribbon. I chose to attach it to a chain to contrast the dainty and feminine with bold links and masculine. It was super easy...the melting of the edges; however, takes some time and patience. You could also make hair accessories, bracelets, rings, paper crafting, etc... using the Bigz Shot and #2 Circle Die. The PAWS-ibilities are endless. If you are interested in learning more about the Bigz Shot, visit my on line store.